Team Leader (TL) Program

Interactive Webinars

60 Minutes

Live presentation and Q&A with Dave Silverman + CrossLead team. The webinar recording will be available immediately after the session concludes.

Focus Groups

60 minutes

Participants will attend a small focus group session with a CrossLead facilitator and their team to reflect on the weekly practical exercise and personal application of the materials.

Self-Guided Practical

30 - 60 minutes

Students will complete a self-guided practical exercise. Additional readings and pre-recorded videos will be available for further exploration.

About the Program

Team leaders play a critical role in single or multi-team ecosystems. This five-week virtual training program will focus on the individual skills and team-based processes to help managers succeed in any environment. The training will be a combination of CrossLead led training sessions, practical exercises and interactive small group discussions.

Program Structure

Rather than taking you offline for extended periods of time, the program will be delivered virtually in weekly modules of approximately 2-3 hours per week (for five weeks). Each module will include a LIVE interactive webinar, a self-guided practical exercise, and a small focus group to discuss the concepts and pressure test your assumptions.

Get Results

Learning Modules

As a student, you will learn both the individual skills and the team-based processes needed to drive high-performing results. Each week you will learn practical tools and strategies to implement within your team immediately.

This introductory module describes the practical experience of transforming a large, bureaucratic organization into an adaptable network of high-performing teams. This segment will frame the limitations of command-and-control leadership styles and offer a compelling case for embracing servant leadership and agile ways of working. 

With legacy ways of working, management’s role was well-understood: plan, direct, evaluate, and adjust. Agile ways of working require leaders to take on a different role, one whose primary function is to serve the team, remove obstacles, and coach team members to achieve optimal performance. This module will provide leadership behaviors and team processes that facilitate a culture of continuous improvement on a self-organized team.

In today’s complex environment, teams juggle multiple projects with different sets of stakeholders and time horizons for completion. Effective planning is critical to achieving goals and managing stakeholder expectations. This module focuses on designing sustainable team planning and prioritization processes that enable the team to achieve long-term and short-term goals while managing time effectively.


Leaders are responsible for building the supportive environment their teams need to thrive and addressing competency gaps if they arise. This module addresses the team leader’s role in creating
a trusting team environment and team practices that engender long-term trust and psychological safety. 

Exceptional performance in a complex organizational ecosystem hinges on the team’s ability to manage dependencies on other teams in the organization successfully. While team leaders have formal authority over their teams, their success often requires negotiating with peers and superiors over whom they have no authority. The focus of this module is building the skills to lead through influence.


Participants who meet program criteria will earn the CrossLead: Team Leader certification at program completion. To achieve the Team Leader certification, you must attend 75% of program sessions, complete the self-guided practical exercises, and participate in a closing session with a CrossLeader.

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