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Crisis in Ukraine: Panel Discussion

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The CrossLead Podcast is hosted by David Silverman, former Navy SEAL, New York Times best selling co-author of Team of Teams, executive coach to Fortune 500 CEOs and founder of CrossLead. This podcast is here to help teams and individuals achieve and sustain optimal performance — with lessons from Special Operations, Business, and Academia.

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Entrepreneur, best-selling author, and former Navy SEAL, David Silverman is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of CrossLead, Inc. Founded in 2016, CrossLead is a services and training company whose leadership and management framework is used by leaders and companies around the globe.

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Crisis in Ukraine

CrossLead panel discussion, about the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, sponsored by Red Cell Partners. Dave Silverman facilitates a conversation with former vice chairman of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, Roger Ferguson, and former member of the Central Intelligence Agency, John Sipher.

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Chief Collaboration Officer​

“Too many meetings and too many emails” The cry of today’s knowledge workers, and both are artifacts of well-intended collaboration spun out of control. 

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