Commemorative Oar

Commemorative Oar

The CrossLead Commemorative Oar is representative of your experience throughout CrossLead training programs. Our goal was to provide you with principles and values that we believe will aid you in your professional journey to unlock team performance.  The oar is symbolic not only of your status as a leader of leaders, but also serves to remind you to always put the health and success of your team first.

History and Meaning of The Oar

The oar tradition can be traced back to the Marine “Raiders of the Pacific” in World War II. When a marine joined this battalion, they were issued a military paddle to be used when the boat motor was broken or when use of it was simply ill-advised. When it came time to depart the battalion, the paddle held a special meaning to the marine. According to legend, boatmates began breaking into storage lockers to steal back the paddles. These teammates would then decorate the paddles and ceremoniously present them to their rightful owners prior to their departure from the unit.

Item Description

Our oars are sourced from The oar is 22” tall and is designed to be a wall decoration. The handle of the oar is wrapped in a spiral wrap with red, white, and blue colors. There is a 3” x 4” engraved brass plate commemorating your participation in CrossLead training. There are two slots in the oar for CrossLead challenge coins to be placed.