Why You Need to Write Down Your To-Do List

There are a thousand and one articles reminding us that productivity improves when we write down our tasks. Somehow, writing them and seeing them is a spur to action.

Likewise, there are also innumerable business maxims that suggest the key to success is measuring inputs and outputs. Indeed, some business guru penned the adage, “what gets measured gets done.”

While real leaders and practitioners don’t rely on simple sayings, there is certainly some truth in the need to think about your time, your tasks and find some means to measure your goals. Whichever way you define it, ruthless prioritization is a key component of success.

We all fall prey to the day-to-day grind and need to tackle pressing challenges. Trying to battle through the little tactical chores is sometimes easier than starting on strategic goals.

At CrossLead, we include task management features with our software. It is a quick and easy way to organize tasks and meetings, and track time and effort spent against your priorities. You can track and measure individual, team or organizational performance. What is most valuable is that you can connect each task or meeting to your strategic goals. With CrossLead, you will be able to understand how your daily work contributes to the larger picture.

In this way, you never lose sight of your goals and key priorities, and in turn, make better decisions.

By John Sipher