Team Simulation

Ignite Learning by Assuming the Role of a Special Operator

Agile leaders recognize when to subordinate their team’s mission to the objectives of the organization.

Traditional management practices commonly used today were developed over a hundred years ago to maximize efficiencies, which naturally create siloed teams. In most organizations, there are hidden interdependencies across teams that may often be at direct odds with each other if left to operate independently. Team A and B may achieve their given objectives, yet the collective organization may still lose if their objectives aren’t aligned.

Participants will self-select into one of three teams:

Navy Seal
Delta Force

The CrossLead Simulation is a roleplaying exercise where participants immerse themselves into the world of Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) as they face a dangerous human trafficking operation known as Mullog in the fictitious country of Kranznovia. Their mission is to defeat Mullog and capture Objective Waterfall, Mullog’s most senior leader. We designed the simulation to highlight the risk of siloed organizations operating in complex environments without shared consciousness. The optimal group size for each simulation is 10-15 participants per facilitator.

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The CrossLead Simulation is a 3-hour exercise that includes an opening presentation about the Team of Teams story, a fully immersive group activity, and debrief of lessons learned with practical application to the real world.