Organizational Diagnostic

Organizational Network Analysis

In today’s unpredictable world, organizations must adapt to win. Can your organization move fast enough?


Academic research and business practitioners support cross-functional collaboration as critical to an organization’s success. In today’s complex, uncertain business environment, the ability to adapt quickly to changing market demands is more important than ever. While most leaders intuitively understand the need for adaptability, determining the sources of organizational inertia remains challenging. 

Adaptability in the context of a large enterprise requires coordinated collaboration across a network of teams. Traditional hierarchical org charts fail to capture the cross-team interactions that are essential to organizational productivity. Similarly, employee engagement assessments often lack in-depth measures of barriers to organizational adaptability. 

CrossLead’s Organizational Diagnostic provides a robust analysis of the organizational processes and mindsets that prevent your company from achieving its goals. The results will help you identify opportunities, prioritize the next steps to transform challenges into strengths, and leverage key organizational influencers to lead the transformation. 

Business Agility Index

CrossLead’s Business Agility Index measures an organization’s ability to adapt quickly to take advantage of new opportunities or respond to threats. The assessment baselines a company against the fundamental organizational capabilities of Trust, Common Purpose, Shared Consciousness, and Empowered Execution. Together,
these conditions enable an organization to operate with the speed and flexibility of
a small team. 

Organizational Network Analysis

CrossLead’s Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) highlights critical information flows and decision-making patterns across individuals and teams. These invisible forces serve as levers to drive change and improve operating efficiency within an organization. 

Supplemental Observations and Interviews (optional)

To supplement the quantitative analysis, CrossLead experts will interview network influencers and observe critical forums to contextualize the quantitative results. This will enable us to offer more targeted recommendations. 

Business Agility Index

The CrossLead Business Agility Index measures behavior patterns, information flows, and communication habits across teams. The assessment is useful for identifying general and specific pain points that prevent the organization from collaborating across functional silos. The discrepancies in scores across teams enable highly targeted interventions. The Business Agility Index measures ten specific constructs that will allow teams to adapt and win:

Measure the Business Agility of Your Team

Low scores in information sharing and situational awareness indicate an opportunity to align workplace collaboration tools with strategic objectives. 


Supportive Environment
Established alignment at the team level

Operational Objectivity
Belief in the fairness of the organization

Common Purpose

Goal Alignment
Established alignment at the team level

Emotional Connection
Personal commitment to the mission of the company

Shared Consciousness

Information Sharing
Company knowledge is appropriately shared and accessible

Situational Awareness
The degree to which everyone is working together towards organization-wide success

Shared understanding of internal and external environment

Empowered Execution

Belief that one has the autonomy and ability to execute

Shared Ownership
Extent to which a person feels they own organizational problems and success

Understanding the guardrails around one’s role