Our Reflection on the Pandemic to Date

You’ve heard it before, but we’ll repeat it – the last 18 months have been an unprecedented period of new challenges for all, with a global pandemic impacting virtually every industry and walk of life. Through the chaos – notably, the shift to remote work for ourselves and our clients – we at CrossLead found ourselves pivoting and adapting for the second time in our history. We quickly adapted to the “new normal” and answered the demand for virtual education offerings due to remote work. We have successfully transitioned our services and training – previously hosted in-person – to virtual offerings. Notably, we hosted our first entirely  virtual education program in the Fall of 2020 for Multi-Team Leaders and again in the Spring of 2021 for Team Leaders. Participants in both programs earned a CrossLead certification. See below what some of the graduates said about the training programs:

Our focus for the future

Looking to the future, our goal is to connect and expand the community of 20,000+ CrossLead alumni from our 10-year history as an enterprise-agility framework.

We plan to expand upon our success with virtual training programs, starting with a third open enrollment program this Fall. We received feedback from past participants that the content and lessons would be highly applicable for entire teams to consume and participate in together. As a result, we decided that our next program would be tailored for team leaders and their teams to collaboratively learn the tools and capabilities needed to succeed in any environment. We believe this is an excellent opportunity for teams to align  on their objectives and operating framework as we approach an uncertain winter and beyond.

In addition to this upcoming Team Leader program, we also plan to better serve our community of CrossLead practitioners and thought leaders with more opportunities engage with us. Notably, we are launching a podcast hosted by CrossLead CEO David Silverman, where we will discuss trending topics in management and leadership with distinguished guests.

Stay tuned for more initiatives this year.

CrossLead Team Leader Program

CrossLead Team Leader is our flagship executive development program designed for leaders and their teams. 

Team leaders play a critical role in single or multi-team ecosystems. This six-week virtual training program will focus on individual skills and the team-based processes necessary to drive success in any environment. The training will combine CrossLead facilitated training sessions, practical exercises, and interactive small group discussions.